Chicken Biryani


Biryani, is the most popular and celebrated dish of pakistani cuisine. So much so that there are countless restaurants and and food joints which just serve biryani. Yes! you read it right, only one dish on the menu. Not only this, just like pizza delivery, hot steaming boxes of biryani are also delivered to homes. It’s a must-have on menus of ceremonies Pakistan regardless of what the occasion is.Infact I haven’t attended any wedding in my life where biryani wasn’t gracing the buffet table. That’s not just the case in Pakistan, even here in Jersey it’s always there, on the buffets to dining table at dawats, always smelling appetizing and making guests devouring for it.

It does look like it needs a lot of work, there are more than just a few ingredients required and then you have several steps. It also takes patience, but the biryani is worth all the patience, and steps required.I learned this from my Mother-in-Law, whose biryani is very famous in our friends and family. Once you have made it few times and get hang of the steps involved I can assure you that it would seem the easiest of recipes.

I haven’t attended any wedding in my life where biryani wasn’t gracing the buffet table

Just a few tips for you:

  •  3 lemons should yield 6 tablespoons of juice, so if you aren’t using fresh lemons and using lemon juice instead you know how much to use.
  •  1 bunch of mint leaves usually weighs a little more than 3 ounces.
  •  The marinating of chicken, can be done a night or a day before. The chicken actually tastes better because being marinated longer in lemon juice, yogurt and spices.
  • Practice Mis en place – “putting in place“- all the way,everyday with every dish. Which means preparing, organizing ingredients and tools needed in cooking.